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As Christians, one of our goals should be promoting the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the nations. This is the great commission. There has never been a more cost effective way to reach the masses for Jesus in every part of the world until this period in time. Via the internet, the Gospel  message is being transmitted into even the nations that prohibit Christian literature and Christianity. These "Hungry for the Truth" places that are currently inaccessible to missionaries are wide open to receive the Word of God through today's technology. In these times, Christian's can now utilize this tool to share and promote the salvation message to a dying world that has little or no hope.

The internet has increased greatly in popularity and has become an unlimited source for information to the Christian organizations and Churches. A Web Site is also an excellent way keep your congregation or members informed about important events.

A Web Page is also an excellent way to keep the interest of the youth and congregation in your Church or organization. Pages of your site could be devoted entirely to youth activities, events and interests. Then you may want to have other pages for the various groups and events in your Church, such as; Women's Clubs, Men's Activities, Praise & Worship Team, Monthly Calendar of Events, prayer Requests, The Salvation Message, a map with directions to your Church, and etc. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. If you need some ideas to enhance your site and are not sure what would be best, NewSong Online has plenty of ideas that can be easily implemented to maximize the potential of your site.

A web site could actually cut the costs of your Church or organization. If you regularly send out a bulletin and/or newsletter to your members, putting that information online would allow you to save the postage and printing involved in sending the bulletin out to members who are already on the internet. With NewSong Online Web Page Design you can have a professionally designed Web Site at a reasonable cost. Prices on Web Design for Churches would be the same or less than Personal Web Page.

NewSong Online would like to insure you that we will give you premium service on all of yourneeds, whether it be Virtual Hosting with your own domain name, Web Page Designing, or Custom Graphicsat the most affordable prices. We also offer weekly or monthly update packages for yoursite.We'll  help you find the best package for you and your site.

For a free estimate, just email us requesting a cost estimate in the subject line or in the content of the message, and give a description of what you want, including the number of pages, general layout, & etc... Contact NewSong Online for more information and a free estimate by clicking on the mailbox at the bottom of the page. To see a list of the options and prices click below and refer to the Personal Prices. If your Church would like to have a Web Site but it looks like it may be unaffordable, please contact us. Don't let the cost stand in the way. We will work with you to put your Church on the Internet, even if you don't have Internet access.


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