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Private Tutoring in your home or office

Courses offered...

Intro to Computers...For new users & those who may consider themselves computer illiterate. Subjects covered will introduce you to all the "how to's" of the Windows operating system.

Intro to the Internet...For those not familiar with the Internet. This course will introduce you to the various services and navigational tools on the Internet, along with search engines, browsers, email, file transfer protocol.

Webpage Design...For those familiar with the Internet, but would like to be able to create webpages. Covered subjects included are...WYSIWYG Webpage editors, Basic HTML, JAVA, creation of webpages, implementing graphics into webpages, links, FTP, and more.

Graphic Design...This is for those who want to design graphics for their webpages or for other presentations. We will cover several aspects of creating and modifying graphics, including... making transparent images, 3D effects, animated images, drop down shadows and more.


Local Union County, NC residents: $50.00 hr

Surrounding SC & NC Counties: $50.00 hr plus driving time at $25.00 hr both ways.


The tutoring services are designed for those who want to learn more, and wish to have some help & guidance so that they can excel in the above areas listed. I will work with you at your own pace to increase your working knowledge of all subjects covered.

You should already own a PC for all the above courses, but if you don't own one, and would like help in choosing the right system along with the correct software and hardware for your business or home needs, this would be our first step. The second step would be working with you to insure proper setup of your new computer.

For the Internet courses...You must have Internet access.

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